We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Clockwork Properties, LLC.

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Woodburn Fixer“You were the first person to take the time to really listen to us and what we needed.”

“We wanted to fix up the house and sell it, but we didn’t have the time or money to do that.  Our family and friends are in South Salem, and I work in Salem too.  It’s hard to afford the commute from Woodburn each day.  It’s also hard to work on the house with 3 young kids running around, so a lot of things still need finished and fixed.  Rather than get behind on the payments, we decided it was best for our family to sell it now as-is.  It was a relief to know the closing date and be able to make plans.  Now we can make a fresh start.”

“You were so much nicer than the other companies we spoke with.  You were the first person to take the time to really listen to us and what we needed. Then you were honest and stayed in contact through the whole process.  Thanks for being so great to work with!  We completely recommend you and your business to anyone.”

- Joel & Janette

Salem 6 Plex“We’re ready to cut back and retire soon.  It’s time to sell our 6-plex.”

“We manage our own properties and do all the work ourselves.  It’s hard to take a vacation.  It’s time to sell one of our properties and not work so hard.  We’re in our 70s now.  We’re ready to cut back and retire soon.

We’ve owned this 6-plex for 12 years.  We’ve made some updates, and tried to keep up on the repairs.  It’s generally in good shape.  We’ve spoken to our CPA and have a plan.”

“So you want to buy rentals??  We’re happy to sell to you!”

- Mel & Katherine

“Janel is a first rate person. She is smart, caring and acts with integrity.  I highly recommend working with Janel when it comes to real estate!”

–All the best!

- Mendell

“I have found her to always be professional…”

“I have known Janel for approximately one year now. I have found her to always be professional and detail oriented. She always has a smile on her face and in her voice.  Janel is highly knowledgeable too.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend Janel.”

- Garey P.

“Janel has a proven track record…”

“…as a landlord in investment properties with over 6 years of experience in growing a portfolio of single family homes and multifamily properties in the Willamette Valley area.

I recommend her as a great source of advice to anyone who is interested in real estate investments.”

- Andy

Dallas OR Fixer“My ex started to fix up one bathroom, but didn’t finish…”

“The house needs a lot of work and is bigger than I need now.  The roof is leaking. One of the eaves needs repaired.  My ex started to fix up one bathroom, but didn’t finish, so the walls and shower were never installed.  The flooring is in bad shape, and it needs many other small repairs.

I’m not able to fix it.  Family members want me to fix it up, replace the roof, and sell it, but that’s a lot of work.  They aren’t the ones who will be doing all that work!  I just want to sell it to someone who can fix it, and move into a smaller place.”

Thanks for buying my house as-is!

- Billie

sell my inherited house salem“After my parents passed, my siblings and I had been cleaning up their property.”

“We could have gotten estimates, hired a contractor, split the cost of fixing and remodeling it, then listed it and sold it… but we’d probably just break even on getting our cost back. There was a lot to do, and it would take awhile to get the work done, especially if we tried to do some of the work ourselves.

We just didn’t have the time or extra money to put into it. It made sense to just sell it as-is for cash, so we could all move forward. It was a relief.”

Thank you!

- Burk

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Janel and Virgil.”

“My investment with Clockwork Properties, LLC has set my mind at ease as they have demonstrated over time to have met or exceeded my investment expectation.  I feel they have treated me with honesty and respect in every step of the process.  I have been able to see first hand the results of my investment dollar at work, not only through the monetary return, but also from the transformation of the properties they have worked on, not to mention becoming good friends in the process.

I would recommend to anyone looking for a lending opportunity to consider doing so with Clockwork Properties, LLC.  I would definitely give this company an investment “thumbs up!”

- Gary B


out-of-state-seller-tired-landlord“Janel has been my angel in resolving a challenging situation…”

“Janel has been an amazing asset in working with me 3000 miles away to evict my renter, clean up the house and set up a doable contract to buy my house.  She has been very professional and easy to work with.  Janel has been my angel in resolving a challenging situation.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home.”

- Jennifer T

fixer-duplex-sold-salem“I was able to sell quickly on terms that made sense.”

“I bought this property about 15 years ago, and rented to family members. After one of the family members passed, and the other one moved out, the landscaping had really gotten out of control.

It needed a LOT of yard clean up and some updating. I work a lot and just didn’t have time to clean it up or to manage tenants. I wanted to sell on contract. I was able to sell quickly on terms that made sense.

I’m happy with the sale!”

- Gary